Monday, October 28, 2019

Lorenzo's Oil Questions

Competitive Inhibition: How Lorenzo’s Oil Works

1.  What do the paper clips represent? Why are there two different shaped or colored paper clips?

2.  Explain what ALD is.  

3.  What role does Myelin play in the body?

4.  Explain how Lorenzo’s Oil prevents the destruction of myelin in sufferers of ALD.  The answer is based on the concept of "competitive inhibition".  (remember the issue with rats and how the fatty acids in the blood continued to rise, even when they removed them from the diet)

5.  How is it that the Odone's were able to find a way to stay motivated and inspired to keep fighting?  Could you do this?   

6.  What is an orphan disease?   List three other orphan diseases and explain the basics of the disease.  

7.  What became of Lorenzo?  Research it and let me know.  What do you think of this?

8.  What moved you or inspired you in the film?

9. If you were a parent, how would you respond to the challenge faced by the Odone’s in Lorenzo’s Oil?  How important is it to be able to find your own answers to questions you may face?  Does education and learning end with your high school or college years?  How do you plan to develop the skills necessary to become a “life-long learner”?

10. Please list at least ONE fact that you learned from the film "Lorenzo's Oil".